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Spinal Decompression at Belleview Chiropractic Clinic

person on decompression tableChronic back pain can be debilitating, affecting every area of your life. Medications often leave people unable to function, and surgery is the option of last resort.

Before you take that step, why not give all-natural chiropractic care a try? We have many options to provide relief, including spinal decompression.

What is Spinal Decompression?

When a spinal disc is injured, or is under too much stress or pressure for some time, the inner gel-like material may be pushed out, causing a herniation. The nerves that exit the spine at that point become irritated and can cause extreme pain, numbness, muscle spasms, and more.

Spinal decompression is a very gentle and natural technique to increase the space between the vertebrae, and restore the injured disc to its proper position, so it can heal. The process is completely computerized, based on your condition, and can be used at any level of the spine. Our sessions usually run between 25-28 minutes.

accuspina table

The Accu-SPINA™ Table

Using the Accu-SPINA™ table, one of the most advanced tables available, the patient lays on their back and is put into a stabilizing harness to ensure you remain in the proper position. The machine is calibrated to gently pull the spine at the appropriate level, and then release it.

This alternating process creates a pumping motion, pushing needed nutrients in, bad ones out, and rehydrating the disc. It also increases the spacing without causing pain or further injury. In fact, some patients fall asleep because it’s so relaxing.

Click the image on the left to learn more about the Accu-SPINA™ table!

Who We Help

This therapy helps relieve pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling, and helps with neuropathy too. It also helps restore a better quality of life for those who have lost their independence because of pain. Helping people to walk better, and go about their daily routine without relying on others, allows them to have a better quality of life.

Dr. Zielicki is certified in spinal decompression therapy, which means our patients receive the best possible results under her care.

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